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Educate Every American about Health & Wealth!

Take Charge

We want to help you put a plan to improve your health and wealth.

Influcence Others

By you taking a stand for your health, you can also impact the lives of others.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to educate and inspire people to take charge of their health and finances and maintain that concept for generations to come. At this point in time we came to a conclusion about the two things no one likes to talk about health and wealth. It usually comes down to two basic principles, #1 being disciplined enough to make a plan and #2 sticking to it.

I was never a great runner until I learned to how to run injury free with Chi Running and now I keep up with my 20 year old son.


The two most important things in life are #1 Health and #2 Wealth.


The RUN4LIVES movement inspires me to reach optimal health.


Trace Minerals

Improve performance by adding these products to your training or workout regimen for efficient hydration, decreased muscle cramping, and increased energy, endurance, and stamina.1

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